“Pure Heart Pure Intentions Faith Trust, and Patience”

Douglas Holzman is an Intuitive Empathic Healer, Channeler, and Spiritual Teacher.

Many seek him out as he is best known for his radical natural abilities of energetic transmutation,

Alleviating you of blockages, and obstacles on your path, divinely cleansing, clearing, and opening chakras,

assisting in Sacred activations, clearings to receive clear downloads, and upgrades from the divine, elimination of lower vibrational energies to best assist you on your ascension awakening path.

He was born, and raised in NorthEastern Wisconsin, and has been on the path doing the work, and these practices for 13+ years.

Although a Wisconsin Native, you can meet him for a private session, and attend one of his healing workshops all over the world.

Douglas experienced a life changing car wreck, which little did he know then would catapult him into his spiritual awakening 2 years later. From the looks of it you would think he would be dead on the scene, however he was left completely unharmed, without one scratch, or bruise from the incident.

What he did experience during the crash was his soul exited his body, and he was looking down on his physical body at the wreck. Aware that it happened, but unaware what it truly meant at the time, until 2 years later.

Those few short years later through an explosive amount of signs, and synchronicities he fully immersed himself into the work.

You can book Douglas Holzman for a Private Reading/Healing session, and view dates/locations to attend one of his upcoming healing workshops.

As you will hear Douglas say, “Do the work, and Live From The Heart.”